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Knowle Green Estates Ltd (KGE Ltd) is a housing company, owned by Spelthorne Borough Council and was established to help the Council provide new homes for local residents. It is controlled by the Council and provides the specific tools and skills needed to manage a rapidly growing portfolio of housing.

KGE Ltd manages the residential properties, lettings and tenant agreements that the Council develops. The company’s primary purpose is to help the Council meet the housing needs of local residents by providing a range of different types of housing, including affordable rented and private rented accommodation and key worker homes.

our achievements so far and the future

KGE Ltd has already helped to deliver three two-bedroom homes in Churchill Way, Sunbury and eight apartments on Halliford Road, Shepperton and now manages these properties for the Council. We are currently assisting with the construction of 55 new homes on the site, previously occupied by Benwell House, Sunbury, with 44 of these will be affordable. A quarter of those are also reserved for key workers. We are also in the closing stages of completing 25 apartments at the Council Offices, Knowle Green and look forward to taking those over very soon.

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