Benwell House update

A further 27 affordable homes will become available in the Borough from April with the delivery of the first phase of Spelthorne Council’s new housing development in Sunbury. 

The project is part of the Council’s plans to relieve housing pressure in the local area by providing good quality and affordable housing. The development converted disused commercial offices at Benwell House in Green Street into 55 one and two-bedroom apartments.

Current planning regulations do not require affordable housing when repurposing a commercial building but the decision to include this provision demonstrates the Council’s commitment to increase the supply of affordable homes in the Borough. Planning permission is currently being sought for phase two of the project which will comprise a further 39 units, of which 20 are planned to be let at affordable rents.

The scheme has been designed with sustainability in mind and includes electric vehicle charging points, LED lighting, whole house ventilation and efficient underfloor heating systems. Solar panels have also been installed which can generate 10% of the energy needed for the development.

Spelthorne Council is working to deliver more than 200 affordable homes and apartments as part of other ongoing housing projects, including a key worker housing scheme at Victory Close in Ashford.

The Council will replace 21 trees (including 9 category B pine and holly trees) which need to be removed during phase two with 48 new trees which are of a better quality and a richer mix of varieties, following consultation with the Council’s tree officer. This forms part of the landscaping strategy for the property which will enhance the environment for residents and significantly improve the overall street scene. All the category A trees were retained.

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